Oct 1, 2011

Miscellaneous Seattle Adventures!

Oh, my! It's been an entire month since I last posted here. I guess getting back into the swing of school has been a bit crazy. Anyway, it's about time I write about my adventures in Seattle!

I went to Seattle the weekend before school started and I had a blast. I'll post a bunch of random things about PAX but first, my Miscellaneous Seattle Adventures!

The first day, I wandered the streets of my future home city on my own. I wanted to find the trees covered with knitting in Occidental Park. Unfortunately, the knittings were gone when I got there (Alas! I was a week or two too late.) Instead I wandered over to Pioneer Square where I saw people playing giant chess:

The next day, Ahmet and I returned to the area because I wanted to see the waterfall park. It turned out to be a tiny space built by UPS for some anniversary of their founding. It was cute, free, and very waterfall-y. Ahmet thought it made a great place to read:

After Pioneer Square, I wandered to Pike's place where I bought some chocolates and delicious tea. I was intrigued by the idea of and Earl Grey truffle as well as a Lavender truffle. The tea I paired them with was a lavender tea. MMMMMMM!

The next day, when  Ahmet and I returned, I saw a bee sucking up honey that had dropped from a honeyseller's sample:

Ahmet dragged me to Piroshky Piroshky and we got tasty tasty food. 

"I'm gonna eat you little piroshky fishy!" Hao-cat proclaims! :D

After my chocolate and tea, I wandered over to the Pacific Science Center. They had an exhibit on fear where you could be strapped into a machine and be made to fall back. I took some pictures of the lady in front of me in line: 

The Pacific Science Center also had a butterfly exhibit. They were really pretty:

They even had cocoons so we could observe the butterflies emerging!

That night, I bought some raw fish and we ate delicious sashimi for dinner, much like last year:

Have I mentioned I LOVE Seattle?


  1. cute post! i loved everything except the butterflies *shudder* :)
    the sushi all laid out looks amaaazing

  2. That picture of you with the piroshky is really cute! :)

  3. you're moving to seattle? and i concur with aba