Oct 14, 2011

PAX Part III: Happy Randomness

In the indie game booths, there was a postcard challenge thing where you were supposed to go around and  do different things at different booths. The first one was to take a bunch of blocks and make something. I made a face! And then when I went back, because it was the end of PAX, they let me keep one of the awesome foam squishy blocks! HUZZAH!

Another thing in the same challenge activity was to take a picture with a game designer. So here I am! :)

A different booth had free zombie make-up. There was a super long line thing and so I didn't do it... but it was FUN to watch, so I took a photo:

And this was a costume I forgot to feature. Taokaka from Blazblue. I want her costume. She was so cute! And the girl even let me hug her! :D

And there was this girl who worked for the food fight card game people. She was teaching us how to play. It was fun!

And this is a picture of the Nintendo area. Lots of people and pretty things in the background. I tried playing a game on the 3DS. It was weird and I felt like I was gonna go cross-eyed. Oh, well. :)

And that's it for PAX!


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