Oct 4, 2011

PAX Part I: Costumes

So I went to the Penny Arcade Expo this year and it was a lot of fun. Going to PAX was a bit impromptu -- which really made it better for me, I think. :)

Anyway, like any convention/expo there were costumes galore. I LOVE costumes... or at least people in them. Some were professional, some were fan-based. They were all fun and awesome.

First of all, there were lots of zombie costumes. There was the disco zombie from plants vs zombies dancing out front:

And some zombies hired by a game company for a promotion. These guys were really good at their jobs and they wandered around looking SPOOOOKY. I almost got eaten!

I even found a zombie Jesus!

Next, there were random video game people I didn't know very well. Some were hired and carried guns, others were just there to be awesome. This one girl pointed her gun at me:

And there were people in costume dancing. Can someone say spy? :)

And the awesome random fan costumes of familiar figures:

And wait! Is that a nun?! WHAT!?

And of course, my favorites -- the Dr. Who references/costumes:

A stranded Doctor? Oh, dear. I think Pengu wanted to join him on his TARDIS seeking adventure. :O

And those were the notably dressed people (for me, at least) at PAX. :)

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