Oct 6, 2011

PAX Part II: Fun Booths

So, there are a LOT of people at PAX and a lot of random things to see. We all know about the booth babe grannies who handed out cookies (they were really good, by the way):

Not everyone saw the people who let you punch video game enemies with a pillow (Ahmet took this video and I look like a complete idiot... but I'll share anyway, because I love you guys). At the end, I discovered the balloon that was getting in my way was secretly an extra weapon! In case it doesn't work... here:

Or the sea of kirby bean bags:

Or the funny man who tried to sell us wooden things like mustaches:

And the artists who draw street fighter type things:

And of course, my favorite nerdy internet music dude -- Jonathan Coulton.

And apparently they have a deck building game that has to do with maids?!

I can't believe this actually exists....


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