Nov 30, 2010

Chicago (Part I)

I decided to drive to Chicago to visit my friend who lives there and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at midnight. :) We stayed up until 4 am hanging out that night. Then, the next morning, I got up and went exploring downtown.

Chicago is a super expensive city, but otherwise it's cute. I have a friend in St. Louis who is from there and hates it.

Anyway, I like sculptures, so I decided to stalked down the Miro sculpture. When I found it, I was all happy inside. It was really tall:
I really liked how it has patches of color.

Nov 26, 2010

Birthday Baking

So my birthday was earlier this month.  I decided to make myself a Lithuanian Coffee cake and frosting from scratch. It turned out like this:

I really like the coffee swirls. :)

And I also make a few cupcakes to save for later devouring. On the cupcakes, I made raspberry frosting. It was tasty, but didn't go as well with the cake as I had hoped.Maybe I'll make the frosting and add it to a chocolate cake sometime. hm....


Nov 16, 2010


I've discovered over the last week that I like chickpeas. I always avoided them unless they were served to me in either indian restaurants or as hummus... but I learned how to cook them this week! I made my own HUMMUS! And it's REALLY TASTY -- well, not amazing, but it has a freshness that store bought hummus seems to miss.

also i made indian-style hummus by taking a chickpea recipe a friend from lab gave me (she's indian), making the chickpeas, and then blending them. I think they turned out tasty.

I will experiment more (ie roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes?, roasted  bell peppers? jalapenos? amusing!) and report.


Nov 1, 2010

iPod Case

So I have a sewing machine. I've had a sewing machine for a number of years now but I never bothered to learn how to sew. Why? because I'm lazy and busy and it didn't start living with me until this year. Anyway, I decided to learn how to use the thing and what better way to learn than to do a project?

So, I cleared out my painting space and turned it into a sewing station. I think my next few projects will involve sewing, so it was important I get some space for it.

This is what the space looks like right now: