Aug 31, 2011

Fantasy Game Shop Board Game Day

As long as I'm in St. Louis, I will always look forward to the second Saturday of even numbered months.

Why? Because The Fantasy Shop (in St. Charles) has a board game day that lasts from noon until 11 pm, feeds you lunch and dinner with nearly infinite snacks, AND you get raffle tickets -- all for 15 dollars! It's one of the most amazing things I've been to.

Early August, my boyfriend and I went with some friends. We got there and I quickly shot some photos of the wall of games:

and the candy bowls:

Then we picked a game and started playing. The one pictured is called Castle Panic. You and everyone else are trying to kill the monsters. You can hit the monsters with an appropriately colored archer, knight, or swordsman and the monsters are trying to take down your wall and castle. There is a winner but if the monsters win, you all lose. We just played it as a co-op game and ignored the monster killing points... but we lost to the monsters with some bad luck. 

The prettiest game we played that day is called Dixit. It's a game I would recommend to people with small children. It encourages creativity and sentence formation. Also, your pieces are bunnies and you play with brightly colored cards:

I can't wait for October!

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