Aug 22, 2011

The High Line

A few years ago, I was stumbling on the internet and came across a fantastic architectural design idea: take an old railway and turn it into a park! I looked at the renderings and drawing and imagined how lovely a space like that would be. Little did I know that space exists now in New York City.

When I visited the city, MG told me I must go to the High Line because it was a very Hao-like place. ED and I met her there on Sunday evening after our trip to find the little red lighthouse. Walking up some stairs onto the High Line made me feel like I was being transported into a different NYC -- a more environmentally friendly futuristic idealized city where greenery and construction were perfectly integrated:

First of all, there were plants. There were all sort of trees and flowers. I immediately went camera happy. I snapped pictures of bees:

Of large open flowers:

Small ones in clusters:

Pretty pink ones:
 And even green ones:

We wandered under a bridge and saw a guy making red plum flavored shaved ice. He was shaving the ice BY HAND! Who does that now adays? It was AMAZING!

We also got a peach-basil flavored popsicle. It had real peach chunks inside and was wonderfully herby!

ED is holding it in the picture above. Doesn't it look DELICIOUS?

We kept on wandering around the High Line and I often turned to take pictures of the view. I loved the way the water looked as well as the streets:

Right before we left to go find delicious artichoke pizza, I tried to snap a couple pictures of the overgrown railroad tracks to remind myself what beauty humans can make from perceived trash:

If you've never been, you really should go and experience this park. It's one of my favorite places in the city now.



  1. I've heard about this park, actually, probably during some class or other. Was that smog in the distance?