Aug 15, 2011

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge

I like strange adventures, and this one I had was one of the more interesting.

One of my best friends took a children's book class in college and was assigned to read The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde H. Swift and illustrated by Lynd Ward. This friend of mine grew up in New Jersey and crossed the George Washington Bridge every time she went into New York City. She read the book but refused to believe the light house actually existed.

When she moved to the city after college, she wanted to figure out if the children's book was inspired by fact. She found the Little Red Lighthouse.

When I went to visit, E.D. told me her story about the book and the lighthouse. She wanted to take me to the lighthouse. I agreed on one condition: we would go read the book first.

The book clearly depicted the little red light house and the bridge. On the last page, it said:

We put the book back and went on our adventure. On the way, we got lost and wandered under highway passes:

and even walked onto a highway ramp. My friend swore she knew what she was looking for and where we were going. After a few wrong turns, we finally found the path she was looking for. After another 15 minutes of trekking, we saw the light house at last:

And it really was a little red lighthouse next to a great gray bridge. :)

All adventures should be somewhat like this.


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