Aug 21, 2011


Everybody loves donuts! Well, at least most non-health freak people I know. :P

When I was in NYC, MG took me to the most amazing donut place! It's called Doughnut Plant:

It's a small space with a tiny counter and one woman working behind the counter. I stepped in not expecting much but then I saw the donuts. They were beautiful!

There were nutty square donuts:

And purple blue berry ones:

Ones that looked like cinnamon buns:

They even had oatmeal donuts (we had that and it tasted like an oatmeal COOKIE!). It's the third one on the row closest to the photographer (me) in the picture below:

On the wonderful thought of donuts, I leave you a link to a song from a video game my boyfriend has been making me play with him -- (Ms.) Splosion man:

It's super fun so you should give it a try if you ever get a try. :D

Everybody loves donuts! I know I do~o~o! Everybody loves donuts so let's eat just one or two! Everybody loves donuts! I know I do! Everybody loves donuts so you and I should share a few~ew~ew! Donuts! Donuts! Oh donuts! :D


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  1. i like these NYC posts. they even make me think of NYC well, which is a place i generally despise. i tried to find mg in NYC but she didn't pick up her phone/answer emails. blah